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6 Common Discomforts During Trimester 2 Pregnancy

Various discomforts can be felt by pregnant women when pregnancy enters trimester 2. This discomfort is caused by changes that occur in the body of a pregnant woman. Recognize any complaints or discomforts that commonly occur during this pregnancy period. The second trimester of pregnancy lasts from the 13th week to the 27th week. In this period, pregnant women are usually more powerful. Various complaints, such as nausea and vomiting, generally also have reduced or even disappeared. Discomfort That Can Occur During Trimester 2 Pregnancy In the second trimester of pregnancy, although pregnant women have begun to feel more comfortable, there are some complaints that still often arise, namely: 1. Dizziness Dizziness is a complaint that often occurs during pregnancy, including when entering the 2nd trimester. This is due to changes in blood circulation during pregnancy. To overcome this, pregnant women are advised to immediately sit or rest when feeling dizzy appears. Meanwhile,
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4 Childbirth Information that Prospective Mothers Need to Know

In addition to preparing for the needs of the child, expectant mothers are also required to find appropriate delivery information before delivery. This information is important to be used as provisions so that pregnant women can prepare for labor properly and not panic when the day arrives. Giving birth without knowing enough information about the delivery process might make pregnant women frightened and worried too much. Therefore, Bumil needs to find out various things about childbirth in order to anticipate things that might happen and ensure the health condition of Bumil and Little One are ready to undergo this process. List of Childbirth Information that You Need to Know The following are some important information that pregnant women need to know before going into labor: 1. Early signs of labor When it is nearing delivery, the body of the pregnant woman will begin to prepare herself to remove the baby from the womb. Towards labor, there are some things that might be pregn

Apparently Throwing Expired Medication There Are Rules

In order not to be abused by irresponsible people, to dispose of drugs that have expired there are rules. So, from now on avoid throwing drugs carelessly. Whatever the type of medicine, if it has passed the expiration period the drug should be immediately removed or discarded. The composition of expired drugs can change and has the potential to endanger health if consumed. Return the Expired Medication to the Pharmacy Expired drugs that are just thrown away in trash cans, toilets, or waterways can endanger others and the environment. In addition to being used by others for bad purposes, expired medicines that are thrown into the toilet can also end the drainage system and endanger the environment. Even in studies mentioning that certain expired drugs also risk becoming a place for bacterial growth. Antibiotics that have passed their validity period can fail to treat infections, and can cause more serious illness and antibiotic resistance. Therefore, one of the safest ways to di